Let's Pop the Bubbly!

So, I've had a bottle of champagne in my fridge since last December. I originally bought it to celebrate New Year's, but I fell asleep before midnight and missed my chance.

It's a drag getting old.

Anyhow, on to Plan B: Use the champagne to toast a Cream City Casseroles milestone.

But which one? There've been so many notable accomplishments in the past few months.

There's the day Cream City Casseroles LLC was founded. And when I signed the lease to rent commercial kitchen space. The day I passed the state's ServSafe food safety test was pretty great. (I hadn't taken a fill-in-the-circle-with-a-number-2-pencil test in more than 20 years!) And then there's the day the health inspector issued my license to operate my food business. Without that license, we would've been dead in the water.

Looking back over the past few months, I should've toasted each of those milestones. Starting a business is tough stuff. It's an intimidating and confusing process -- one that's riddled with false starts and an alarming number of application and filing fees.

It's taken a lot to get where we are now. And just two days before the grand opening, I ought to get a couple cases of bubbly to celebrate all that's to come: First sale, first delivery, first social media shout-out, and someday, our first anniversary.

We've come a long way and the best is yet to come!