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Pairing Wine with Casseroles ... This is Work?!?

I like wine. 
There. Post done. Carry on.
OK, seriously. What's more relaxing after a long day than enjoying a great meal with a glass of perfectly paired vino -- especially a meal somebody else made?!?
So I've been wanting to offer wine recommendations with each of Cream City Casseroles' entrees. Problem is, I'm no wine expert. In fact, I often feel intimidated in the liquor department. Too many choices! I've been limping along with two tips I heard years ago:
1) Pair white wine with white meat and red wine with red meat. 2) When in doubt, pick a label you like. 
These tips have gotten me only so far. I knew I needed help making recommendations for other people.
Luckily, I knew who to call ... my friends, Dawn and Keri. While they aren't formally trained sommeliers, they're quite knowledgeable and passionate about wine. 
Dawn and Keri own Latitude Travel Group and are rock stars when it comes to travel and leisure. They specialize in meeting and event pla…


Whenever I talk with people about Cream City Casseroles, one of the first questions they ask is if I cook everything from home. The answer is no.

Cream City Casseroles is fully licensed, certified and insured and operates out of rented commercial kitchen space in Waukesha County.

In fact, here's a 180 degree view of where I prepare meals:

Awesome, right?

The kitchen belongs to Easter Seals of Southeast Wisconsin and its primary purpose is to train people with disabilities for careers in the food service and hospitality industry. The space is huge, fully ADA accessible and equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and every pot, pan and utensil needed to run a commercial kitchen.

The space is so large, it can easily accommodate Easter Seals' training needs and house a handful of private, part-time food businesses, including mine.

Renting from Easter Seals is a true win/win. It's allowed me to pursue my dream of starting my own business without all of the overhead of opening m…

A Trip to the Food Show

Ever wondered where restaurants get their ingredients and supplies? They don't send someone out to the grocery store, they use a food service distributor. Distributors offer a huge variety of products and have incredible bulk prices.

Plus, they deliver.

Right now, I'm handling all of my own procurement, which is just a fancy way of saying I do my own shopping and schlepping. But as my volume grows, I'll soon be in the market for a food distributor.

Shopping for my own supplies isn't glamorous. I wake up at the crack of dawn Monday mornings, throw on my favorite baseball cap, grab my ginormous tote bag, and hit the grocery and local Sam's Club for my weekly supplies.

It's best to go early -- really early -- the stores are clean, the aisles empty and the checkout lines nonexistent.

Doing my own shopping is manageable now, since my volume is relatively small. But as word about Cream City Casseroles continues to spread and orders increase, using a distributor will …

Dish Delish: The Whole Kielbasa

If you haven't tried The Whole Kielbasa yet, DO IT!

With its distinctly Midwestern flavors, this dish is unbelievably versatile. For starters, it's great for breakfast or dinner. Plus, its bold flavors are satisfying comfort food during cold-weather days. And yet, remarkably, it's light enough to enjoy on a hot, humid day too!

This skillet meal is deceptively simple to make. And I'm happy to share the recipe with you too. Though, you can enjoy it without dirtying a single dish ... by ordering it from me here. (Shameless plug!)

I recently made The Whole Kielbasa at home for my husband's birthday breakfast. Here's how:

The Whole Kielbasa (8 servings)

Assemble your ingredients: 2 TB vegetable oil1 pound kielbasa, fully cooked1 pound red potatoes1 cup onion3 bell peppers 2 cloves garlic, minced1 ½ tsp Italian herbs1 tsp black pepper½ cup chicken stock4 TB balsamic vinegar
Wash and dice potatoes. In a saucepan with just enough water to cover, parboil potatoes (cook un…