Under normal circumstances, I'd be HORRIFIED to let anyone see my messy house, but this picture is just too good to share. 

This is the aftermath of our family dinner last week: 

Notice the remnants of Rosemary's Baked Spaghetti, the Don't Forget the Salad Salad and Mom's Fudge Brownies? 

What's noteworthy about this picture is that, aside from making the food at work and bringing it home, I didn't lift a finger to get it on the table. 

How? Because I delegated dinner.

You see, I was at work (coincidentally making your dinners) when I had my teenagers pop this casserole in the oven. And I was driving home when they warmed the extra sauce and set the table. And I sat with my feet up, while the kids -- the four year-old included -- cleared the table.

Viola! A complete meal with little effort on my part.

This Mother's Day, I encourage all moms to think about ways they can delegate more. We don't have to do everything alone. Anyone who lives under your roof should be responsible for helping cook and clean. 

I know it's easier said than done, but give it a shot. You deserve it!

Happy Mother's Day!