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A Very Special Gift Order

Since launching Cream City Casseroles last March, I've had the pleasure of meeting many new people and getting to know my customers. Wednesday (Dinner Drop Day) has become my favorite day of the week because I get to see everyone while delivering their meals. 
It's my pleasure to make dinner (sometimes weekly!) for such wonderful people.
It's a very special honor whenever someone orders a casserole as a gift. My casseroles have been given for all occasions, from celebrating birthdays and new babies, to helping people cope with illness or loss. 
Each gift order has a unique story and someone special behind it.
This week, I'm making gift casseroles for an organization that helps support adoptive and foster parents. The casseroles will be given to several very special families who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need.
How many times can I say, 'I love my job,' without sounding like a broken record?
It can't be done. I love my job. I love my …

All Hail Dad

This Father's Day I'm especially thankful for two very special men in my life: My husband and my dad. Both have been hugely supportive as I navigated the waters of launching (and now running) my own business.

My husband
When I first shared the idea of starting Milwaukee's first casserole delivery service with my husband, he was nervous. The prospect of starting a business and ultimately working in sales concerned him. And rightly so. Working without a net -- no steady paycheck or 401(k) match -- is scary. But as he read through my business plan, he began to see the idea as a viable business vs. a silly pipe dream.
I'll never forget it. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "You know, if someone would have pitched to me the Pampered Chef idea years ago, I would've said, 'Sounds risky. Pass.' But what do I know? Go for it."
Since that day, he's been my biggest supporter. And on my busiest weeks, he helps keep things running the home front. 

Top 10 Questions about Cream City Casseroles ... Answered

Whenever I tell people about Cream City Casseroles, Milwaukee's first casserole delivery service, they are full of questions.

A lot of questions.

So, I've compiled the top 10 questions and answered them here for you:

Top 10 Questions (and Answers) about Cream City Casseroles:

10) Do you operate Cream City Casseroles out of your home?

No. In Wisconsin and many other states, it's illegal to prepare food for retail sale from a private residence. Cream City Casseroles is a fully licensed, certified and insured business operating in rented commercial kitchen space in Waukesha county.

9) Why don't you deliver to home addresses?

I deliver to customers at their daycare centers and workplaces in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. There are 3 reasons why I (a one-woman operation) do not currently deliver to residential addresses:
Efficiency. It's more efficient for me to deliver to multiple customers at one stop. For example, I might deliver to 3-5 customers at one daycare center …