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Meal planning just got a whole lot easier

I love to cook, but I hate cooking on a busy weeknight after a long day at work.

I just want to sit down.

Some weeks I'm really good about meal planning. I make a list and do the grocery run on the weekend, so when Monday comes I'm fully stocked and have a solid game plan posted on the fridge.

But I'll confess, some weekends are just too busy to plan meals and shop. And when Monday comes, I'm left to wing it.

Well, wing it no more.

Meal planning is getting a whole lot easier with Cream City Casseroles' new freezer meal parties.

In about 2 hours, we'll rock out 10 family-sized, freezer-friendly meals. It'll be fun. It'll be productive. It'll save you big meal-planning headaches.

Unlike other meal parties, all ingredients are included, so you only need to bring your favorite apron and a really big cooler with ice.

Saturday, Nov. 14 @ 2 p.m. (RSVP required by Sunday, Nov. 8.)

$199 per person for 10 meals. All ingredients included.

Reserve y…

Worst Potluck Ever

Potluck. The very word harbors mixed emotions.

I love a good potluck. Surveying a table full of diverse culinary delights can be thrilling for a foodie like me. The options appear endless. So many dishes. So much possibility. Try a little of this and a big scoop of that -- nobody judges when you go back for seconds or even thirds!

In fact, the more food you take, the prouder the participants. Everyone's eager to show off their mad culinary skills. And there's simply no higher praise than an empty pan of secret-recipe baked beans, pasta salad or lemon bars.

Everyone brings their A game to a potluck.

Right? Wrong.

There may be no worse hell than a poorly executed potluck.

In my experience, a good potluck can go bad for any number of reasons, but it boils down to the big three:
Bad food - It's rough when potluck participants phone it in. Best case: A bag of stale chips and canned nacho dip. Worse case: potato salad of mysterious origin/expiration date.Under or over-organizati…