The Pies Have It

I recently attended my daughter's swim banquet, an annual dinner celebrating hard work and individual/team accomplishments.

The dessert table was decked with tasty treats, from Seven-Layer Bars (my favorite) to assorted cookies and a sheet cake decorated with Swedish Fish candies. 

The lectern stood adjacent to the dessert table, making it convenient for coach to snatch a Pecan Bar and sneak a bite in between award presentations.

He stopped mid-bite, looked at the dessert in his hand and asked, "Who made this? It's AWESOME!" 

A mom sitting nearby raised her hand and said, "I brought it."

"You made it?" asked coach.

"I brought it," she repeated.

"Good for you!" I thought. There's no shame in bringing a store- or Cream City Casseroles-bought item to a school function or potluck. If it's good and people enjoy it, who cares who made it.

Everyone's so busy. Time is precious. It's OK to delegate to save time. It's OK to delegate meal-making and baking. Really. If you want to pass off Cream City Casseroles as your own dish or dessert, go for it! 

We're here to make your life easier. Stop being so hard on yourself. :)  

Here's something to delegate: Holiday pie making. For a limited time, we're offering 10" lattice-topped apple and pumpkin pies for just $10. 

I got this apple pie for Thanksgiving my own family. It was so good! Tender-crisp apples, flaky crust. Yum! As we were clearing the table, I caught my 5 year-old picking off the lattice and eating it, it was so good.

The pies are made by Easter Seals LilyWorks team and the proceeds help fund programs and services to help people with disabilities/special needs achieve independence.

Order your pie on by midnight Sunday, Dec. 20 for delivery Wednesday, Dec. 23.