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Surviving twins

I recently delivered Cream City Casseroles meals to two families with twins.

One was a gift delivery to welcome two precious little babies into the world. As the new dad gratefully accepted the big bag of oven-ready meals, he was visibly moved by his friends' outpouring of love and support.  

We talked for a few minutes about adjusting to life with newborns, and how life with twins is both an incredible blessing and a huge challenge.

"It gets easier," I assured him. "I know. My twins are now teenagers." 

Relief washed over his face.

"This is hard," he admitted. "Really, hard."

Looking back, I barely remember those first few weeks after my girls were born -- they're just a blur. But I do remember being blissfully happy and scared out of my mind, simultaneously.  

My twins. Note the basket of previously folded laundry.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from a mom with toddler twins. She travels a lot for work and inquired about ordering meals to stock the fridge for when she's out of town. A week later, I was on her doorstep, delivering a big bag of freezer-friendly, oven-ready meals.

Dad opened the door. He enthusiastically took the bag. 

"We've been looking forward to trying your food for a while now," he said. "It's hard making dinner with the kids underfoot."

We chatted briefly about raising toddlers and how twin toddlers are exhausting on a whole other level. 

"My twins' path of destruction was wide," I said. "Very, very wide." 

I assured him things will get easier. With every birthday and milestone, in little and big ways. I distinctly remember the first time my girls put on their shoes by themselves. Such a small thing, but at the time, it was HUGE.

Having kids is tough. Having more than one is too. But nothing has brought me more joy, more satisfaction or more of a sense of accomplishment than raising kids -- and surviving twins. 

I miss my twins as babies, but I don't want to relive those early years. Besides, I'm really enjoying these teenagers. They've grown into interesting people who have so much to share. Don't get me wrong, raising teens isn't all wine and roses, but I don't feel as outnumbered or overwhelmed as I did when they were little.  

There's a pivotal moment in parenting when your kids rely on you less and help themselves more. They can shower and dress themselves. They can clean up after themselves, watch their siblings and can even heat up a casserole in the oven while you're heading home from work. :)

Bring Your Twins to Work Day.
And in some cases, they can help out at the family business.

To all you parents of twin babies and toddlers, I feel you. Hang in there. If I can survive, you can too.


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