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Honk if you're hungry

So, this has finally happened:

Cream City Casseroles' delivery vehicles now sport these fancy-dancy signs! So official, I know.

Driving around with these signs is fun, but also kind of nerve-wracking.

The fun part is that THEY WORK. People notice the signs and ask about our service.

"You deliver casseroles? That's so cool. Tell me more!"

The signs are effective advertising and fantastic conversation starters -- definitely a great investment.

The nerve-wracking part is taking these babies on the interstate. The last thing I want is for our signs to fly off.

The sign company assured me they'll stay put at speeds up to 65 mph. and that the tether that attaches inside the vehicle offers added security.

Assurances aside, the first time I hit I-94, I was a nervous wreck. I white-knuckled it the entire time with my cruise control set to a safe speed. It's been several weeks now and everything's gone smoothly. (Phew!)

Anyhow, if you see a vehicle on the road with…